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Our Story

Ecopadz was founded in 2017. Our mission is to provide high quality, sustainable products to positively transform the experience of menstruation.

Ecopadz is a small business with ideas: to make cloth pads and empower today’s women as menstrauation is common to all the girls ans women over the world.

Our full range of Ecopadz provides the women of all body types with different styles and versatile options that they can rely on for years and years .

we are Inspired by the simple utility, environment friendly, and comfort of cloth diapers.

Ecopadz champions to dream of a world where menstruation is taken as essential part of life as we believe it is a natural process and not to be ashamed of it.

Ecopadz keeps in concern to generate less pollution to the environment and increase body positivity in to the heart of our brand .

As menstruation matters we need sustainable future for our bodies.

Our Mission

Our mission is to revalue menstruation and provide high quality, sustainable products and positively transform the experience of menstruation while educating about cloth pads to the womens out there.

Solving issues-

Educating the rural girls about the menstruations.

spreading/introducing them the importance of hygiene on the sensitive parts of their body.

decreasing the myths that menstruation is a natural process and nothing to be ashamed off.

Join Our Team


Are you interested in reuseable just like us?? Do you prefer good quality and saving money at the same time? We're always seeking passionate, enthusiastic brand ambassadors/ partners who want to change the folks of reusable menstrual products. Learn more and shake hands with us to be a part of it .apply if your passionate and enthusiast about sustainable products.


Periodically (pun intended) we host interns who want hands-on experience in a unique small business setting. Our interns have the opportunity to work closely with the Ecopadz team, and we're proud to help create tomorrow's leaders by offering a highly educational experience tailored to each intern's unique goals. Interested? Send us an email describing what you're looking for in an internship and we'll let you know if it's a good fit!


We are currently hiring an Inside Sales Rep / Customer Support Specialist

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