Day Pads

Day Pad Club


Build your stash & get one Eco pads Day Pad shipped to you every month!

Ready to make the switch but can't invest in a full
set of Eco pads just yet? Set up a convenient autoship order of our Day
Pad! It's our most popular & versatile cloth pad, and with your
autoship order you'll get a discount plus free shipping.

Your first pad ships immediately, then every month you'll get a new
Day Pad to add to your stash. You'll receive a surprise color/print each
month. If you've chosen the Organic Day Pad option, you'll always
receive your Day Pad in our soft, undyed cotton. Once you have enough
pads to meet your needs, simply log in to your account to cancel your
membership! You'll receive an email notification five days before your
next order ships.

Free shipping available in USA only. Autoship membership available for USA & Canada only.